Monday, September 3, 2012

Multiple authentication pop up in SharePoint 2013


While learning SharePoint 2013, you might struggle to run your first application. For example, it may ask you to create the "App Domain" to deploy your SharePoint hosted "Apps". After creating the the App Domain, you will be able to view the "Apps" in "Site Contents" section in SharePoint 2013.

If you click on the "Apps", it will show a pop up to enter the user name and password.

This is because, you are not disabled the "loopbackcheck" in your development machine.


To disable that, just follow the steps from my another blog post,

Also, you need to add the App domain name in the "Local intranet" zone of the browser. The below image will show about how to add the URL in the browser.

Just start from "Security" tab & end with "Close" button. In the below example, I have added my app domain name as http://*


  1. So good this Solution.
    What about Firefox, Chrome, Ipad and so no?

  2. I am getting pop up in chrome not in IE11.
    Can you suggest some solution to this?