Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In SharePoint 2010, MySite is not Working

In SharePoint 2010, If you click on the "people", usually you will be redirected to see their profiles page (My Site). But sometimes, you will get "404 file not found" error.

The reason is, the "my site" may not be created for the profile or the created profile pages may not be crawled at this time.

To avoid this kind of issues, first we must ensure some of the mandatory points given below:

1. You must create a Site collection from central admin or web application with "Search Center" template.

2. Create another subsite with "My Host Site" template from "Enterprise" tab through Central admin

3. Then goto "User Profiles Service Application" home page and select the "Setup My Sites" from "My Site Settings" section.

4. In the next screen, type the search center web application URL under the "Preferred Search center" text box, which we have created in step 1. (Mandatory)

5. Under the "My Site Host Location", Type the URL which we have created in Step 2. (Mandatory)

6. Then Click OK.

3. Then, Start full import from Search service. (Mandatory)

Thats it...


  1. I've done all the points 1-6, still get 404 - how do I start a full import from Search service?

  2. I've followed all the steps I've been able to find online, including here. My trouble is every user logon goes to my site host and not an individual my site. the other links on the might sight host work the way they should, what am I doing wrong?

  3. 1. Create a defined managed path as a wildcard inclusion.
    2. Create a site collection using the defined managed path location
    3. Add the name of the defined managed path to the Personal Site Location in the User Profile Service (don't use the FQDN)

  4. I'd also like to know how you start a full import from Search Service

  5. I think he meant Start full crawl from Search Service.