Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Issue: Multiple login prompts while browsing a SharePoint application

Sometimes, you will be prompted to type the Login credentials to enter into the SharePoint application.

(Amazingly, this will not occur in Firefox)

Because, all your browser requests may be processed through the proxy. So the response will be passed through the proxy and the converted HTML output will be displayed in browser. So, the browser will trying to access the SharePoint application's resources (like images, css) directly through the HTTP. By default, nobody can access the SharePoint resources directly in the browser and they can be accessed only if he is the authorized person.

I meant, this kind of access is equivalent to access a image directly from SharePoint image library in browser like, http://sensoft2000-sharepoint.blogspot.com/Images/Logo.jpg (Just an example).

You have to add the URL in trusted sites zone of the IE and the URL should be added in exception list. 

Just follow the below mentioned steps to fix this issue.
  • Open the IE browser
  • Go to Tools and click internet options
  • Then Click "Security" tab
  • Select "Trusted Sites"
  • Click "Sites" button
  • Type your URL in the text box and click "Add" button.
  • Click "Close" button
  • Click "Apply" button
  • Go to "Connections" tab
  • Click "LAN Settings" button
  • Here your "Proxy Server" check box may be checked already.If not, Select it
  • Click "Advanced" button
  • Now, you will see a Text area in the "Exceptions" panel.
  • Here you have to add your URL. for example, if your URL is like http://moss.sensoft2000.com (example), then you need to add the URL as mentioned in the below screenshot *.sensoft2000.com. 

Thats it...

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    In case a Sharepoint site is published through ISA or TMG server you need to use persistent cookies. Here is a link to the article: