Friday, August 7, 2009

Error: Unable to extract manifest.xml from:

Sometime you will get the "Unable to extract manifest.xml from:" error, when you are trying to deploy WSP files using WSPBuilder. Mostly this error will occur, if you are using 64bit Windows 2003 server. 

1. Go to and download 64bit WSPbuilder with IIS7 support. (Version 1.0.6)
2. Also, download the "cablib.dll" from the same url. (Important)
3. Install the downloaded WSPBuilder in that server.
4. Goto command prompt & type "Assembly" (Without quotes). This will open Asseembly folder. Or go to "C:\windows\Assembly\" (Both actions are same)
5. Drag and drop the "cablib.dll" into the "Assembly" folder. (Important)

Thats it. 

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